With years of experience behind us, we have what it takes to use the right types of wood, in the right measure to create superb balance and unique design concepts in different types of interior spaces.


The production of wooden structures requires high professionalism of assemblers directly on site, in the workshop, and no less high skill of machine operators. Only high-class craftsmen are able to assemble truly beautiful, durable and practical structures. In modern workshops, lightweight wooden structures are assembled, which are then delivered to the customer and assembled on site. It is worth paying attention to such structures as timber frame structures, which include the frame itself and specially prepared cladding.


Cedar is very well suited for making furniture and is also widely used as wall cladding. This wood has a dark hue, which means it blends well with traditional and classic interiors. But we also skillfully use this wood in modern and contemporary interiors. Cedarwood also has a natural sweet scent that gives the space in which it is installed a cozy feeling.


Pine’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it’s easily available, looks beautiful and is pocket-friendly too. It emits a subtle, yet distinctively pleasant aroma to the space it is installed in and looks great in contemporary and modern-style interiors. Its light, yet sturdy, has a wide grain and is very easy to work with. This makes it possible for our skilled craftsmen to create artistic pine furniture as per your needs.


This comes in variations such as American Cherry, Cherry, and Black Cherry with a distinctive look. It’s extremely hardy and resistant to decay, making it perfect for interior as well as semi-enclosed settings like balconies, terraces, and covered decks and patios. It machines well and has a pleasant scent too. It’s perfect for making fine furniture, interior millwork, turned objects and cabinetry and ages beautifully.